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What made them decide to start cosplaying?

By attending my first every convention in 2003 notice people and costume and I was really excited to see my favorite characters coming to life. Meeting one awesome cosplayer in the most accurate costume of gunner Yuna (cosplayed by It's showtime peachy momo) I decided right then and there I wanted to cosplay too.


Who is your cosplay idol?

My cosplay play Idols are Xaljira Cos(tumes) , Fev Studios's , Panterona Cosplay, Kamui Cosplay there craftsmanship and attention to details are simple amazing.


What was your first cosplay?

My first official cosplay was to wear at a convention was Lucia from Suikouden 3 which I debut it at Icon

Do you have other hobbies besides cosplay?

I like sewing other things then costume, I am a craftsters making accessories, I do play my gaming platform and I started to dabble in photography and set design.

What would you tell people just starting out?

First pick a character you like. Buy or make a costume. It's doesn't matter what your gender, race or psychical appearance is. You can cosplay whom ever you want even down to your own original character. Remember your cosplaying for yourself to make you happy and don't let anyone take that joy away from you.

Do you mainly cosplay anime or games?

Most of my cosplay do consist of both anime and game characters right now. I Have a really huge list of characters I still want to cosplay that happen to be gaming characters.

What Con's have you gone to?

I have been to BAAF, I-Con, Anime Next, Anime Boston, Otakon, Katsucon, New York Comic Con, Wizard world Philly, Connecticon, Anime Expo, New York Anime Fest i've been to these convention more than once.

What is your dream cosplay?

I have some many Dream cosplay and so far I only accomplished 2 of them. Number was Rita repulsa and Koi Nami witch I have done. Next on my list is Myrrah from Gears of War 3, Seraphime from Sakizou, Final Fantasy Fran and I need to finish my Plava Laguna from Fifth element.

Has cosplay become a big part of your life?

Definitely to the point that I don't have much of a social life lol. I do take commission and I just love making things for the challenge and new skill I learn.

What would you say your best cosplay experience was?

The awesome reception I got for wearing my Rita Repulsa at New York Comic con. Because she is such a nostalgic character and a lot of people was really happy to see her.

Do you make most of your cosplay material?

Yes I make all my costume, props and accessories.There is just one that I got commission a very long time ago. That's my Harle cosplay from Chrono Cross. All other where made by me.



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